Chocolate Menta Masik

Say hello

|: Boom, boom, boom goes my heart,
when you pass me by and |: say hello :| :|

Don't you see, I'm still free
Turn around and say that you love me, 'cause, honey,
don't you see, I'm still free,
and that your love will set my heart on fire.


I am sad, make me glad
Stop and ask me to go out with me this evening
I am sad, make me glad
I will be wearing all my shiny pearls.


Tell me please, tell me, hey
Tell me that you need me and I will come running
Tell me: Dear, have no fear
I will caress you and be so sincere.


I want your love, I need your love
Need your love so bad that I just could start screaming
I'm so blue 'cause it's true
All you do is say hello.

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