Renée & Renato

Save your love (Video) (Audio)

Save your love, my darling, save your love,
for summer nights with moon and stars above
A serenade I long to sing you
The reddest rose I always bring you
Save your love for Roma and for me!

Darling, I will love you endlessly,
even though you're far away from me
I can't forget the words I told you,
how it felt to hug and hold you
Love like ours will last eternally.


Even though it's been so very long,
The mem'ry of our love still lingers on
($) I can't wait to hold and kiss you,
Don't you know how much I miss you,
Darling, sing for me our lovers' song! (fine)

Salva l'amore, cara, salva l'amor'
Le notte d'estate, la luna, le stelle lassù
A serenade I long to sing you,
The reddest rose I always bring you,
Salva l'amore per Roma e per me.

La la la...

Io ti amo, caro... I love you!

dal $egno al fine


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