Vanessa Williams

Save the best for last

That evil woman with the wicked smile
She just knocked me on my ass
She says I ain't the fool that you fall for
Oh why did I even ask?
Just when I think she's said it all
She saved the best for last
She rolls her eyes with a smile
Swears she's never coming back

Stop runnin' away from me
Cuz you only have yourself to blame for everything
So stop runnin' away for a change
Cuz I know if I don't try to stop you now
You'll just go and do it again

Oh, I think she's had enough
She just put me in the past
She holds her head up high
Says I would never last
That lady loves to lead me on
And she's done her job so well
Yeah, she saved the best for last
Made my life a livin' hell

Chorus (bis)

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