Clodagh Rodgers

Save me (Video) (Audio)

The party's on, and one by one
cars arrive and people come
And I wonder if there's anyone on their own.

A lot of boring guys try to catch my eye
But I only came alive
when you smiled at me as you arrived alone.

Save me, take me away to the moonlight
The people around me don't feel right
What are we doing here?
Come on and save me, let's get away from the action
[*For] You are the only attraction
Take me away from here (take me away).

No one saw or heard a single word
We slipped away like skipping birds
For we both agreed it seemed absurd to stay.

I went cold and hot -- should I go? Should I not?
But you took my hand, and I couldn't stop
And we laughed as we left the parking lot and drove away.


Starlit sky, moon on high sure feels good to me
In my bones I've always known this is how it's meant to be.

Chorus (bis)

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