Tom Waits

San Diego serenade

I never saw the mornin' 'til I stayed up all night
I never saw the sunshine 'til you turned out the light [babe]
I never saw my hometown until I stayed away too long
I never heard the melody until I needed the song (fine)

I never saw the white line 'til I was leavin' you behind
I never knew I needed you until I was caught up in a bind
I never spoke "I love you" 'til I cursed you in vain
I never felt my heart strings until I nearly went insane

I never saw the east coast until I moved to the west
I never saw the moonlight until it shone off of your breast
I never saw your heart until someone tried to steal it, tried to steal it away
I never saw your tears until they rolled down your face

da capo al fine

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