Runaway (Video)

I'd like to runaway, but I can't go
I'm lost, I've gone astray...

There's a Greyhound bus that's leaving, half past four
This time is over if I take it
So I slowly cross the room and at the door
there's one mistake to make and I make it.

I stop to see you sleeping, lying there
One empty cup one empty chair
($) I'd like to run away, but I can't go
I'd like to find a way, but I can't go
I'm lost, I've gone astray, but I can't go.

(No) no (no) I can't take it
(No) no (no) I can't fake it
(No) no (no) I couldn't make it through alone
I couldn't make it home.

La la la... (fine)

So instead I sat my bag down, it ain't fair
You're still sleeping like a baby
I touch your lips, your eyes, your mouth and kiss your hair
It might just work out - who knows, maybe
I was sure that I could make it through the door,
find someone who needs me more.

dal $egno al fine

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