Chubby Checker

Rosie (Audio)

Rosie, you're my lucky charm
When you're in my arms I'm happy as can be
Rosie, everytime we meet 
my heart skips a beat I'm happy to repeat:

Oh Rosie, oh Rosie, you are the one
Tell me, oh tell me, you'll be my number one - hot dog, I tell you
Rosie, give me your answer, do
I promise to be true, oh, just you wait and see, oh 
Rosie, oh Rosie, don't make me lose my self control, girl
Rosie, Rosie, you've got a little heart of gold.

Everybody loves you, I know the reason why:
You put the sunshine way up in the sky
There's really something, the way you drive me wild
You make my heart sing with your Mona-Lisa smile.


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