Jim Reeves

Rosa Rio* (Audio)

Ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay!

My heart is in Rosa Rio
under the Argentine skies,
there with a beautiful lady
with her dark and sparkeling eyes.

My heart is in Rosa Rio
Yo sentimenté, ay-ay,
there with a beautiful lady
that I'll love the day that I die.

Ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay! (fine)

Her parents were rich estancieros
And I was just one of the hands
who hearded their 10,000 cattles
on their 10,000 acres of land.

But I was a very poor cowboy
And we lived in worlds far apart
So how could I tell her I love her,
or speak of the love in my heart?

The lady I love never loved me
The lady I love never knew
The day that she married another,
a poor cowboy's heart broke in two.

And I know that she'll never miss me,
or notice that I'm even gone 
That cowboy who sattled her pony
now rides through the dark night alone.

da capo al fine

*Die korrekte Schreibweise wäre natürlich "Rosario", denn es handelt sich ja nicht um einen Fluß, sondern um eine Stadt in Argentinien, die übrigens richtig auf der 2. Silbe betont wird.

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