Eddie Rabbitt

Rocky Mountain Music

Back Upon an old dirt road
Next to a swamp full of toads
was a slanted wood shack 
with three little kids and a momma

Papa died in '63
left little Jenny and me
to plant those 'taters and
pull up another tomorrow

Rocky Mountain Music
Fills my memory with you
Rocky mountain music

Papa can I hear you playin for me...
Momma can I hear you singin to me...
Brother can I hear you callin me...

Little brother was never quite right
He used to sit on the floor in the sunlight
Playing with the dust 
that danced on the beams in the window

Sister had to cook and clean
'cause momma she got sick and lean
sometimes I think she just got that way missing poppa


Well everything has changed today
Little brother he was taken away
Sister, she married a soldier and lives in Toledo

And me I'm in a Nashville bar
and I've never been so far..
from that old gravel road

Chorus (bis)

and the rivers that run through my mem'ry

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