Ria Valk

Send a letter to me, rocking Billy (Audio)

Send a letter to me, rocking Billy,
just a letter to me, won't you write? (fine)
If so lonely I am in the daytime,
and this farm is so lonely at night.

When you left for America, darling,
all my savings you wanted to lend
I was happy to give you my money,
for you said that's for me you would send.

You borrowed a cloth of my father, and then
I never heard from you again.


Is is gold you are finding in Jersey?
Are you owner of big railroad trains?
Or perhaps you are being a cowboy
with a big herd of big (...?)

I know just how busy a man you must be
But don't be too busy for me!


I've been waiting for ten years, my sweetheart,
and it's faithful I've been every day
All my sisters and cousins got husbands
As for me, I got nothing but grey.

The money I lent you, you need, I suppose
But do you still need papa's clothes?


da capo al fine

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