Connie Francis

Robot man (Audio)

I want a robot man to hold me tight,
one that I can count on every single night
He wouldn't run around like other guys
I wouldn't have to listen to his alibis.

A little robot man to call my own
I'd never have to worry that he wouldn't phone
He'd never dance with anyone but me
I'd just have to wind him with a robot key.

[I'd/*We'd] have a steady date (yeah yeah yeah)
seven nights a week (yeah yeah yeah)
And we would never fight (yeah yeah yeah),
'cause it would be impossible for him to speak.

Don't want a real live boy, they give me grief
Always make me cry into my handkerchief
So it's a robot man I'm dreaming of,
'cause I can depend upon a robot love.


dal $egno al fine*


|: 'cause I can depend upon a robot love :|

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