Katja Ebstein

River run, river flow

Spinning wheels and fishing reels and cockeled shell a few
Woolen shores and marketstores and flowers in full bloom
Understanding people who will never stop and stare
That is where I want to be, river - won't you carry me back there

River run, river flow, take me where I long to go
There's a place you will find not too far away
It's quite near today in my mind

Village full of cottages that no one ever planned
Only cotton tablecloths, but always made by hand
Cobbled stones and herring bones and sailboats gleaming white
That's the shore I'm looking for, hope we make it by the morning light

Chorus (bis)

Riding on the riverboat and moving pretty slow
But I know I'm gonna make it 'cause the good Lord told me so

Chorus (bis)

|: Oh... in my mind :|

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