Roger Whittaker

River Lady

The day the river freezes
Is the day it won't seem fair
'Cause they'll come to get the River Lady
And I don't think they'll care

I know they'll scrape her paint off
In their same old foolish ways
Now the people see the river
But the old ships gone away

Water turns cold and gets to freezing
Before you even know it, the old girl's easing
Away from her berth, round by the point, and out of our view
Off in the mist her engine's wounding
Like on the banks that old horn's sounding
|: A little goodbye, a little I'll do what I must do :|

I know I will remember
When I cannot hear that horn
That would roll up by the mountains
As she took us through the storm

I know they've got to take her
But I can't say I approve
'Cause she's won so many battles
That I hate to see her lose


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