Return to spender

Economizing from Obama
He showed the boys his back
Working in his pajamas,
put Stimulus on track -- they voted on it

Return to spender, finances shown
Many billions for each zone.

Return to spender, more shopping cash
Recession ender, we're all hoping for that backlash.

We want some dollars in our mailbox,
a nice check from the "Gov",
large deduct for our taxes
to buy more stuff we love -- they voted on it

Return to spender, banks give out loans
More employment, turn some stones.

Return to spender, restore self pride
Unwealth the wealthy, gravy train -- everybody ride.

It's time we all stood up for ourselves
and make the rich understand
We ain't going back to being dirt poor,
need cash in our hand -- and lots more of it.

Return to spender, stimulus pack
Legal tender, no more slack!

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