Bob Lind

Remember the rain (Audio)

Angel that you are you still remember summer walks
and quiet talks we had before our clouds were breaking
In the heaven of your mind your hopeful heart has put behind
all the ugly jealous times our hearts were aching.

Now that your pain has been mended,
you're only seeing one side
Behind the bright easy laughter
rivers of tears have been cried
So remember the rain, when you think of the sunshine
You've got to try and see that it's gone for you and me,
and there is no way to bring it back again.

In a sad unstable way I love you more than I can say
But it's locked in yesterday and must remain there
The gentle prisoner in the stall sometimes forgets the very wall
that gave her shelter, and the fall have also chained her.

Drink from the spring of tomorrow
Yesterday's well has gone dry
All the good times are behind us
And whenever you ask yourself why,
just remember the rain when you think of the sunshine
On the ocean of a smile we floated easy for a while
But now we're drifted to the shore where beauty dies.

It isn't easy to explain, I never dreamed you felt the same
And even though you're not to blame we can't continue
Don't let yourself pretend that we've got something to defend
You've got to try to face the end with all that's in you.

Oh, I can't deny that I love you
But my soul can no longer be bound
Fly on the wings of your freedom
But whenever you look to the ground,
just remember the rain when you think of the sunshine
Try to understand it has fallen from our hands,
and just be thankful that your soul is still your own!

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