Release the hounds

I'm filthy rich, a millionaire
Your rear won't last on my ground, you'll get chased out of here
Release the hounds!

Still you insist, hear a loud "woof"
Want to keep selling me mounds of Purina dog food
But where are the hounds? Release the hounds!

Did this to stop talking to poor
Tired of seeing folks look so daunted, and worse
Viewing your attempts again from my large jeweled lair
Vending fine wines for my affairs.

You're strong with the force, won't last my dear
You fought guard Lemont now you fault all of your gear,
till you see my hounds. Release the hounds!

Don't bother -- they're here!

There's been a glitch, you're on my mat
Using a watchdog or eight should scare you like bats
So where are my hounds? Release the hounds!

Oh, dammit -- a cat!

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