Gus Backus

Queen of the stars

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...
I know the chick that's really way way out
She's got the cutest face in all of outer space
She makes the boys on every planet flip
In her blue jeans and her red rocket chip

Queen of the stars, I'll see you soon
Way up on Mars, or on the Moon
I'm blessed to know all way I go
Queen of the stars, I love you so

I hear she likes to pass the time all day
But they ain't hard to seek along the Milky Way
Moonfolks all say that she's the coolest Jill
that ever came to hit old Cratersville


On Venus people used to be aloof
She taught them rock and roll, now they're in the goof
Without a doubt she was the biggest thing
that ever raced around the Saturn ring


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