The Bee Gees

Promises (Video)

Here by my side
Are you close enough to take me to your paradise?
Or am I going down to my loneliness?
Could you be loving me more or less?

Do you know
Are you ready for the feeling, can you learn to grow?
Out in a world of tears we we're hanging on
We come together, we find -- the sun, ah ah.

You all over me, all over, you're the light
I am the love, don't let me die away
I am forever, we are born to make
|: promises to be there :|

Life, where the few
may not ever find a heaven I could be with you
($) Out in a world where nights they don't ever end
We got each other, my love, my life, my friend.

Chorus (*bis)

dal $egno al fine*


|: |: |: promises to be there :| :| :|

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