Diana Decker

Poppa Piccolino (Audio)

All over Italy they know his concertina,
Poppa Piccolino, Poppa Piccolino,
He plays so prettily to every signorina,
Poppa Piccolino from sunny Italy.

Oh, listen to the music I hear
Oh, Poppa Piccolino is near
to win a smile or maybe a tear before travelling on.

A vagabond who wanders along,
a millionaire, but only in song,
as though the world might really belong to him.

This fellow plays a melody so mellow
that everyone keeps shouting "Bello, Bello!"



No matter what the calendars show
It can't be spring, and I ought to know,
until I hear him singing "'allo, `allo I'm here again!"

A flower in his battered old hat
and a smile for every doggie and cat
And children get the friendliest pat of all.

I'll give his name, so if you ever meet him,
then you will know exactly how to greet him.



Everybody loves Poppa Piccolino.
He has the cutest little monkey to collect the lira. 
But one day Poppa Piccolino was very sad. 
He lost his concertina, and he couldn't find it anywhere.
And there was no music, and everyone was very unhappy. 
But the little monkey found it for him 
and gave it back to Poppa Piccolino.
And now everybody is happy again.


|: sunny Italy :|

Good-bye, Poppa Piccolino!

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