Please vote on my music

My song's aren't special, they have no vulgar or gore
But here is an ad; you've probably heard it before
So- I used Amiright, it's a wonderful thing
But still no one listens when I try to sing
But I still remain proud
All I want is to shout this out loud - so I say:

Please vote on my music, the songs that I write
Whether you found them funny on sight
I can't live without fans, so I ask for your honesty
How do you like me?
I need many comments -- can't you see?
So I say: please vote on my music
To tell if I'm off-key

Mother says she is too busy to hear me talk
She says my singing sounds like the screeching of chalk
And I've often wondered, is what she says true?
I submitted many songs and got nothing from you-
All you women and mans
Well, whatever the cause, I need fans - so I say:


Go to the search tab, type in "wdh" right there
Then you can show your vote to everybody
What you say, what you write, I don't care! So I say:


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