Please tell him that I said hello (Video)

Hi, hello, how are you?
I haven't been here, well, it must be years.
The place is not the same somehow
There's a jukebox playing loudly now
That wasn't here then.

Oh, tell me, by the way,
does he still look just the same?
And does he still remember me?
And if you see him, would you...

Please tell him that I said hello,
and that everything has turned out fine
Give him my love and wish him well
Don't let him know you saw me crying
Tell him I won't be back again
It was chance that made me pass this way
Just say I came in for a while
and lived again our yesterdays.

Well, so long, I'll see you
You know, the world gets smaller every day
And now I must be leaving
So the next time that you see him...

Chorus (bis)

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