Rick Duncan


I saw the wreath of the teeth as I fell in the fish tank
I felt the nipping of flesh as I tried hard to swim
Hoping for rescue,
as they devoured me I screamed but nobody came in.

I, I, I, piranha!
Why I die? Piranha!
Couldn’t flee, those fish biting into me,
into my watery grave for eternity.

Knew I was doomed as those fishies consumed all my organs
I crossed on over that day to the heavenly door
God stood there laughing
Sent me back re-incarnated as albacore.

I, I, I, piranha!
Why I die? Piranha!
Oh, I bet this is the tanks that I get
De-skin me, piranha, I don't like that maker I met.


God stood there laughing
I felt the brine in my gills and saw ocean floor.

I, I, I, piranha!
Why I die? Piranha!
So forlorn I was now a fish reborn
|: I'm now Mr. Limpett, a cartoony fish by the shore :|

*"Fishy Rishi" Sunak - dem 5. Premier, den das Uneinige Königreich binnen zwei Jahren verschliß - gewidmet?

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