Cliff Richard

Pigeon (Video)

I was just a simple boy with nothing in view
Kicking my heels with nothing better to do,
You were growing up, getting ready to fly
I said, "Pigeon when you're ready, fly to my piece of sky"

|: You're my pigeon, you're my dove
You're my pigeon, you're the one I love :|

Girl, you are woman, you changed over night
You're spreading your wings and getting ready for flight
When you leave the nest, you can come to no harm,
'cause Pigeon I'll be waiting, you can fly to my arms


I've been waiting such a long time
For a lover to come my way
Now you've said goodbye to your mama's wings
Together we can fly away

Now you've got a boy with a future in view
Nothing they say can stop me loving you,
We're gonna settle down, Pigeon, just you and me
We're gonna make a home in the family tree


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