Pat Boone

Pictures in the fire

Ashes, nothing but ashes
that were pictures a moment ago (fine)

I threw your pictures into the fire
And now I sit and watch the glow
And 'though your love for me is gone,
the memory lingers on
Darling, I still love you so.

I threw your pictures into the fire
Oh my darling, what they meant to me
But just some smiling photographs
to taunt my heart
that's all they turned out to be.

If you only knew
the bad times I've been through
You hurt me 'til my heart just broke.

You played at love for fun
And now the game is done
I watched my memories
going up in smoke.

I threw your pictures into the fire,
just like our dreams,
they all fell apart.

But darling, how can I burn
the picture of you,
the picture that remains in my heart.

da capo al fine

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