Neil Sedaka

Pictures from the past

Darling since you left me I'm so sad and blue
And I count my memories one by one with photographs of you
Darling I remember, we were happy then
Oh what I'd give if I could live those moments once again.

Pictures from the past bring back a memory
When this love of ours was new and you belonged to me.
Each night I sit and cry for a love that couldn't last
'cause all that I have left of you are pictures from the past.

Though you've found a new love, no one can take away
The things we shared together when you loved me yesterday.
I can hear you whisper, I can hear you laugh
But I realise, through misty eyes, it's just your photograph.


Time can move a mountain through the coming years
But time can never take away my precious souvenirs.
Though they turn to ashes, though they fall apart
'till the day I die I know that I will keep them in my heart.


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