Janis Ian

Photographs (Audio)

Photographs of long ago
The colours fade, the wrinkles show
I loved you then, I love you still
I guess I always will.

Aging hearts and shaking knees
Moving* parts still bend with ease
I loved you young, and age improves
the song** I feel for you.

You grow more beautiful each passing day
The lines that time withstood
You grow more beautiful, I hate to say
Well I told you so -- but I knew you would.

Close the light, still the flame
Candles light the empty frame
A photograph can never be
the song you are to me.***

*Nana Mouskouri singt "Aching" statt "Moving".
**N.M. singt "love" statt "song" - macht ja auch mehr Sinn.
***N.M. wiederholt die letzte Zeile.
Aber all das rechtfertigt keine eigene Datei.

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