Salvatore Adamo

Permit me please, monsieur

I was asked to the ball of the year
So I dressed in my brand new tuxedo
I have practiced my waltz and my tango
And arrived on the scene with panache

As I walked through the door I beheld her
With her ma and her pa by her side
Like a knight taking love in his trite
I advanced on her father and pleaded

Permit me please, monsieur
With your daughter I would dance, sir
Please let yes be your answer
And give my own love a chance, sir
Permit me please, monsieur
I'm an ordinary fellow
Looking for his Cinderella
Give me your permission, please sir

With a look that would cook frozen ice
Her mama told papa to say no
But a faint heart will not win a fair maiden
So I thought I would have one more go


Tell the truth, in your youth you were bold, sir
When you won such a wonderful wife
Maybe I'll be as lucky as you
And dance with your daughter through life, sir


|: Give me your permission, please sir :|

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