Old Man Ribber


I saw the votes on the night that we captured the Congress
We won the east and the west and the north and the south
I am the Speaker
Somebody teach me to keep my foot out of my mouth!

My oh my, Pelosi!
Why, oh why Pelosi?
They should hide my outrageous statements and views
We need Fairness Doctrine, so please help me silence Fox News.

Dear Barney Frank and I thought we'd be running the country
Rush Limbaugh and the conservatives should have been hung
That's how it should be
Somebody teach me to stop tripping over my tongue!

My oh my, Pelosi!
Why, oh why Pelosi?
There's no way, I should have to watch what I say
I guess I should never have lied about the CIA!


I am the Speaker*
I'm the one who should be running the country today.

My oh my, Pelosi!
Why, oh why Pelosi?
I won't brag, I thought I had it in the bag
But |: I keep on gaffing like I was Joe Biden in drag [yes] :|

*Die Jüdin Nancy Pelosi war bis 2023 Alterspräsidentin und Mehrheitsführerin des US-Repräsentantenhauses - die peinlichste Erscheinung in dessen Geschichte, nur übertroffen vom noch älteren und noch verkalkteren US-Präsidenten "Sleepy Joe" Biden alias "Brandon", der 2021 durch offensichtlichen Betrug bei der Stimmenauszählung an die Macht gelangt war.

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