Peek in the latrine

When They Peek In The Latrine
Such ungodly sights, their eyes aren't prepared for
All windows they raise to circulate air for
Our bodily function mess, brown and green.

For three days or four, we hit the bars
Crap, puke, smears the floor, around us it's laying
Like Florida palms, stone drunk, we're swaying,
when they peek in the latrine.

Rank fumes and high stench surpass apprehension
Tears well up the eyes of our first Sarge
A scene by far past putrid, beyond gut wrenching
Fuel for dissension, tension is large.

No chance for remorse or any regrets
We can't turn back time to refuse the wine that's been tasted
A bash, like on mash, so much cash on broads we have wasted
Ten days in the brig can be seen.

Jig is up, they peek in the latrine
Catch us six train wreck guys on leave since can't remember
KP duty is bound to be cast till early December
when they peek in the latrine.

Damn it all, they peek in the latrine, not our day
Squint and strive to act sober, more with brass above you
Two MP's standing right by the door, outside they shove you
Even Sargent Bilko could not save our skin
|: When they peek in the latrine :|

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