Bonnie Guitar

Pass the time of day away (Audio)

(Chorus I:) 
[*So/**And] Pass the time of day away
Try fishing 'nstead of wishing you were fishing.
Get up in the morning, ignoring the sun
Gulp down your breakfast and leave on the run
People are frant'cally climbing the slippery letter of success,
spending too much time trying to find their own kind of happiness.

Chorus I*

(Chorus II:)
Yes, pass the time of day away
Try dreaming 'nstead of scheming about dreaming.

Save up your money for a cold rainy day,
meanwhile the good times are slipping away
If Sunday's the only day in the week
that you get off the merry-go-round
Even (...?), so slow down, my friend
Take a trip, find a scheme out of town.

|: Chorus I** + II :|

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