Robert Plant

Our song (Audio)

Our song, we used to call it our song
It helped to say hello once
It made us fall in love once, without knowing
Oh, how we tried to not to show it,
even though we didn't know it.

Our song, it changed just a little bit sadder
But it didn't seem to matter,
even when I kissed you, I couldn't please you
And then all at once our love was gone
All you left me was a song.

Everything I hear that song I could cry
Now we've gone to long, no no no, we said our good-bye
I' still wondering why, oh yeah, those tears in my heart

Our luck started like a song
But now that you are gone,
there's nothing left to do now.

So I look around for someone new,
someone who is very very very lonely, too
Then I won't sing our song, oh no...

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