Neil Sedaka

Our last song together (Video)

Days of devils, kings and clowns, angel songs and birthday tunes
Valentines and wishing wells, magic stairways, moons, and Junes
Silly rhymes, monkeyshines, pictures on a stage
Round and round the records go, time to turn the page.

This will be our last song together
Words will only make us cry
This will be our last song together
There's no other way to say good-bye.

Misty faces, far-off places came and danced across the rooms
"Shanana"s and "Doobedown"s, the sounds that chased away the blues
Yesterday is yesterday, the past is dead and gone
Nostalgia just gets in the way, let's stop hanging on.


La la la...

Now we go our separate ways and leave the world we used to know
A scratchy worn out 45, an echo on the radio
"Tralala" days are over, those days of me and you
Now we know that breaking up is really hard to do.


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