Robert Charlebois

Ordinary guy

I'm just an ordinary guy
sometimes I like to let the time slip by
sniffing coke maybe getting a little high
watching the sun in my baby's eye
but sleeping dogs aren't left to lie
these days they want pop singers to fly

they tell me that I should play some kind of crazy king
I'm twenty-seven, I'm wondering what is this sting
all around me I hear a continual ring
It feels a little better when I sing
but what a dangerous game this thing
the more you give the more you're expected to bring

I make my scenes, this has got to be where I belong
I like it when the buzz comes loud and strong
I can play on my piano I can even play it wrong
I'm not really looking to see if the cheers last long
I'm not some kind of clown for a faceless throne
my life is poetry my life is song

when it's over, when I've turned into
a thing of longings an lusts, when I've had my due
that's the time I'll lay back and see if it was really true
was I some kind of monster in this zoo
I'll watch someone prettier, crazier, somebody new
who can make you dance your boogaloo

until then babies dance, dance with me
dance, would you dance with me, dance

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