The Tri-Lites

Oowee, oowee, oowee, oowee

Oowee, oowee, oowee, oowee 
That's how my heart sings 
Each time that you kiss me 
I'm in orbit without wings 
Oowee, oowee, oowee, oowee 
That's how my love sings 
It sounds like the magic 
of the church bell when it rings. 
Every second, every minute, 
there's a new excitement in it 
Every time I hear you sighing 
I take off and I'm flying 
You're my baby and I show it 
I want all my friends to know it 
So, when everyone comes knocking, 
our love song will be rocking. 
Darling, there's no use pretending 
Love like ours is never ending 
If I'm flying high above you, 
It means how much I love you 
Touch me and I get that feeling 
Hug me and I'm on the ceiling 
When I'm up there and I'm sailing, 
here's what you'll hear me playing: 

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