Greenfield & Cook

Only lies (Video) (Audio)

Dum dum dum...

Sitting on a dusty suitcase
People running 'round
No-one knows my situation,
having their own destination
They just look at me and let me down.

I looked around to find a subway
to take a train downtown
I don't know where I'm going to,
nor do I know the things I do
I lost myself since I lost you.

Only lies broke our* hearts
[Only/*Dirty] lies to make us part
Lies right from the start
They just ruined our love.

Memories, they're all you left me
But will they still remain?
Gone are the days we were together,
gone our love that should last forever
My life will never be the same.




*Sie singen das zweisilbig, wie im Niederländischen; aber das geht nicht - vielleicht wurde die Platte deshalb in englischsprachigen Ländern kein Hit.

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