One drink too many (Video)

Well, the table is set, the candles are lit
and there's the knock on the door.
Boy! She's looking pretty, all dressed up
Now who could have wished for more.

Yeah, we wined and dined and all was fine
knowing she was game
But' then I went and really spoiled it all
by filling up my glass again.

For one drink too many 
took the smile right off of her face
One lousy drink too many 
took the girl right out of my place
Well I tried to talk her out of going home,
but instead I fell flat on the floor

And all I remember is a great big bang
I guess she must have slammed the door.

Well a couple of days and a hangover later
She gave me one more chance
But only if I took her to "Chez Maxim"
for a fancy dinner and dance

[So/*yeah] we came to seek, cheek to cheek,
that moment we'd known before.
But then I went and did it all again
by filling up my glass once more.

Chorus (fine)

And all I remember ist a cha-cha-cha
with the bouncers at the door.

Instrumental (cha-cha-cha)

dal $egno al fine*

I guess I need to work it out again 
like keeping myself ashore

(|: |:  One drink too many :| :|)

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