Domenico Modugno

Oh, how much I love you!

Remember? Why must I remember?
Why can't I simply close my eyes
and go to sleep and make her disappear?
Why must I always hear?

Dio, come ti amo! I still can hear her say
Oh God, how much I love you, and yet I walked away
The wind began to blow, and all the leaves went flying
She stood there in the night and tried to keep from crying.

Dio, come ti amo! What could I say or do
when love has lost its meaning, it's over and it's through?
And so I went away from someone who was waiting
to hold me in her arms in an embraced celebrating
But that was long ago, and many loves had I
But only one was real, and that I let slip by.

Dio, come ti amo!


Dio, come ti amo! Those were the words she said
Oh God, how much I love you! Keeps running through my head
I know it's much too late, but I go right on prey
to have her back again, so she can hear me say:

Dio, come ti amo! God, how much I love you!

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