Oh Carol (Video)

Well I was out cruising, getting late and I was losing,
So nonchalant, I bet you get what you want,
but so do I and I ain't losing today (fine)

Well your hips were swinging, and your jeans were clinging,
you were driving me out of my mind
On a hot afternoon, when there's nothing to do,
you're not the sort of thing a fellow should find.

So I pulled on over, tossed your hair off your shoulder,
when you turned and you looked my way
Oh you would have died or you'd have skinned me alive,
if I'd have said what I wanted to say.

So being polite said: what you're doing tonight?
You said: just so happens I'm free
You got all the right curves and all the right words,
and that's alright by me.

Oh Carol you got me eating my heart away,
You got me counting my nights and days,
Oh I am floating on the milky way,
Oh Carol nobody's done it before,
Oh baby you've opened the door,
Oh Carol you can do it some more.

Well if you're ready for this when we started to kiss,
She said hold on a minute or two.
Well naturally I knew it couldn't be me,
I said baby what's troubling you.

She said: I'm just sixteen, if you know what I mean
So we sat and we talked for a while
And when we finally kissed, you know she didn't resist,
and I must say she did it with style.


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