Paul Shanklin

The day ObamaCare died (Video)

A long, long time ago, I can still remember,
how their protests used to make me smile
'cause I knew we could ram it through
before they ever had a clue
Then maybe they'd shut up for a while.

But the protest grew and made me shiver
Pelosi and Reid could not deliver
Now our push for health care
would have to wait till September
(or October, or next year).

I can't remember if I cried
when I heard the right had organized
But something told me deep inside,
that day National Health Care died.
Though I lied, lied at every townhall in sight, 
drove my chevy cross the country, trying to put up a fight
Them good old boys were standing right there outside,
saying, this will be the day it dies
This will be the day ObamaCare dies.

Well, we were gonna run it all on our own
But congressmen and senators were getting stoned back home
that's not how it was supposed to be
We used to be treaded like the king and queen
in the sweater she burrowed from L.O. Bean
And my voice could part the stormy, stormy seas.

But now ev'ry time I hit the stage
bigger crowds appear in fits of rage 
Somewhere down in hell 
is where my numbers fell.

I was blown away by Barb and Buck
and the redneck neighbors with their pickup trucks
But I knew I was out of luck
the day that Health Care died.

Chorus (bis)

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