Sir Douglas Quintet

Nuevo Laredo (Video)

In a little border town, 
way down there in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 
I spot a señorita there, 
wind blows through her long black hair,
as I cut a trail on the way to (...?)town.

Spoke and drank the night away, 
in a dimly lit café
Long hairs were a novelty 
to the people that were on the scene
We kicked the blues till early dawn, 
ever'body sang along
We had such a ball in Nuevo Laredo.

Nuevo Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, 
I hear you calling back to me 
in the time and all its glory.


Cuando yo me fuí de ahí, 
cuando yo te busqué en Nuevo Laredo
Y siguiendo una ilusión, 
que tenía en mi corazón,
yo me fuí de ti, Nuevo Laredo.

Sitting on an old bar stool, 
looking like nobody's fool
Her heart was meant she was going to go home with me
A great big cad, about 6 foot 3, 
demand that guy she go with me
Then I cut a trail to Nuevo Laredo (good-bye!)


Nuevo Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Nuevo Laredo...

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