Marty Robbins

Not so long ago (Audio)

Not so long ago, she cared for me
I was young and acted foolishly
Broke her heart, caused us to part,
once upon a time

Unconcerned, I let her slip away
In my sorrow, now I curse the day
I broke her heart, caused us to part,
once upon a time

Once upon a time, I must confess,
in my reach was complete happiness
Didn't know that I was really living,
once upon a time

Now another kisses her goodnight
She was mine, and would be mine tonight,
if I'd only done a little giving,
|: once upon a time :|

I laughed, the night, she said: This is the end!
Made her cry in front of all her friends
Acted smart and broke her heart,
once upon a time

I remember what I told the crowd:
Let her go, I even yelled it loud
I talked a lot and lost a lot,
once upon a time

Gone forever, never to return
is the love that once so brightly burned
I remember once upon a time
how much I used to brag

Like so many little grains of sand
I let her slip through my foolish hands
And before I knew it, love had turned from riches back to rags,
once upon a time she was.. my.. love.

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