Gilbert O'Sullivan

Nothing rhymed (Video)

If I give up the seat I've been saving
to some elderly lady or man
Am I bein' a good boy? Am I your pride and joy?
Mother, please, if you're pleased, say I am!

And if while in the course of my duty
I perform an unfortunate take
Would me punish me so unbelievably so
Never again will I make that mistake.

This feeling inside me 
could never deny me 
the right to be wrong if I chose
And this pleasure I get 
from say, winning a bet, is to lose.

When I'm, drinking my Bonparte shandy,
eating more than enough apple-pies
Will I glance at my screen, and see real human beings,
starved to death right in front of my eyes?

Nothing [old/*good] nothing [new/*bad], nothing ventured
Nothing gained, nothing still-born or lost
Nothing further than proof, nothing wilder than youth
Nothing older than time, nothing sweeter than wine 
Nothing physic'ly, recklessly, hopelessly blind 
Nothing I couldn't say, nothing, why? 
'cause today nothing rhymed! (fine)

Instrumental (Oh oh oh...)


dal $egno al fine*

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