Texas Lightning

No, no, never

My love is stronger now than you'll ever know
And I won't ever let you go
My love is wider than the ocean can be,
and it's deeper than the deep blue sea.

My love goes higher than a mountain can rise,
and I see it there in your eyes
My love gets tougher when the going gets rough
And believe me, I've got more than enough.

Keep trying babe, keep holding on, there's a place we belong,
where things are good, where love is strong.

I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own
Never ever gonna not go and pick up the phone
I'm never ever gonna let you be chilled to the bone |: no, no, never :|
I'm never ever gonna leave when you're lost in the storm
Never ever gonna not keep you safe where it's warm
I never ever will desert you when your heart is torn |: no, no, never :|

My love shines brighter than a twinkling star,
baby, no matter where you are
And my love keeps burning like an eternal flame
You can feel it, when I'm calling your name.


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