Lynn Anderson

No love at all

I see in the paper nearly everyday
people breaking up and just walking away
from love and that's wrong, that's so wrong.

A happy little home comes up for sale
because two fools half tried and failed
to get along, and you know that's wrong.

A man hurts a woman, and a woman hurts a man
And neither one of them won't love and understand
and take it with a grain of salt -- but I believe that

|: A little bit of love is better than no love
Even sad love is better than no love
[Even bad/Any kind of] love is better than no love at all :|

No love at all is a poor old man,
standing on the corner with his hat in his hand
And thare's no place to go and he's feeling low.

No love at all is a child in the street,
dodging traffic and a-begging to eat
on the tennament row, and that's a rough row to hoe.

No love at all is a troubled young girl,
standing on the bridge on the edge of the world
And it's a mighty short fall, but I believe that:


March out with love to the beat of the drum
Give out your love, got to give it to someone
Give a little kindness, spread a little goodness
Come on, people, try it one time, yeah!


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