Nice to be with you (Audio)

Oh, it's so nice to be with you
I love all the things you say and do
And it's so nice to hear you say
You're gonna please me in every way.

Honey, I got the notion
You're causing commotion in my soul.

Baby, you and me
have got something that's real
I know it's gonna last a lifetime
Ah, you better believe it, girl
At night I call your name
Darkness fills my room
I'm only dreaming
About the time I'm gonna be with you.




When I'm feeling down
You're there to pick me up
and help me to carry on
Ah, little things mean a lot
When you need a shoulder to cry on
I'm there to ease the pain
and chase away the rain
Ah, darling, I just gotta say:

Chorus (bis)

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