Kevin Johnson

The next plane to New Mexico (Audio)

Take the next plane down to New Mexico
And I'll be waiting here in Alamagordo
I'll have the pickup packed up and ready to go
to a somewhere, south of nowhere little place I know.

There are so many times I've been trying to say
all the so many things I've been dying to say
And there's so many feelings I'm feeling today
And I'm calling to say, I gotta take you away, Susann (fine)

It's been a long time, and I know this is the wrong time
for you and me to be trying desperately to be together
It's the wrong time. and I'm not trying to say it's right
But I'd rather share in the trouble and strife,
rather share in a part of your life than to let you go forever.


We've been lying and trying our best to go through,
with all the sensible things we're expected to do
But all the lying and the trying and the starting anew,
whatever I do, I just gotta be with you, Susann.


There are times, girl, when it seems as though the whole world
is there between us, and doesn't mean us to be together again
But then there are times, girl, to try and push the world away
And try to live a few precious moments,
'cause we know these precious moments may never come again.


dal $egno al fine (3x)

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