Atlantis 2000

Never ending dream

Now, we know it won't be easy, in a world so full of pain,
to arrive at understanding to believe in hope again
Still we're proud to show you all our castles in the air
Visions of the future, real enough for those who care.

Our imagination is the instrument we play
Following a melody that will not fade away.

There's a dream that's never ending, there's a dream that will survive
And the freedom we're defending has every right to stay alive
There's a dream that's never ending, and a wonder to be seen
We've no time for sleeping, till all the world can share the never ending dream.

On the way to new horizons, there's a danger we may fall
Tangled up in desperation, but we can't ignore the call
Voices of tomorrow are demanding to be heard
We shall find an answer, ringing true in every word.



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