The Halos

Nag (Audio)

Oh baby 
|: |: you're a nag (nag, naggedy nag) :| :|*
Would you go do this and go do that?
Nag (nag, naggedy nag)

You're always telling me a what to do
I just can't seem to get a-rid of you
You order me around just like a slave
You're gonna send me to an early grave
Would you go fix the bacon, go for a coke,
and rush down to the butcher shop and buy me a roast.

When is the nagging ever gonna stop?
You always seem to be a-blowing your top
One of these days I'm gonna lose my mind,
jump out the window then I'll feel real fine
If you go do this and go do that
and wash up all the dishes and don't talk back.

When I married you, you were so sweet
Now you give me the bread and you take all the meat
You're always screaming a-hollering loud
I'm gonna buy me a ticket to the nearest cloud.

I don't know what to do you make me mad
And when I leave this place I'll sure be glad
You're working me a-just a-like a horse
I guess you think you must a-be my boss 
With a "go do this" and "go do that"
Nag (nag, naggedy nag)

dal $egno al fine

*Diese Zeile wird als Gegengesang vom Sänger oder vom Chor immer wieder mal eingestreut.

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