Richard Anthony

My wooden doll (Audio)

[I want/*I'm going] to make something to give you,
a doll, a little doll made out* of wood
He'll make you smile, the doll I'll give to you
And he will say things I never could.

You are so far, so far above me
I spend each day longing for you
But if my doll can make you laugh of me,
my darling, oh please tell me that you do.


My doll will be so glad each time you touch him
I'll feel so sad until he sees
love in your eyes, that means so much to him
will be the love that you'll have for me, oh!


|: |: I never could :| :|

Der ganze Text ist in irgendwie drolligem Schulenglisch geschrieben, ohne daß man direkt von Fehlern sprechen könnte - mit dieser einen Ausnahme: Es mag Situationen geben, in denen man "out of" irgendetwas sagen kann; aber hier nicht, da geht nur "of wood" ohne "out"!

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