Piera Martell

My ship of love

Loving can be a summer's day 
upon a river-bend, with fingers trailing
Loving can be a stormy sea, 
and with all hands you need to guide
through channel, sea and bride, 
to keep the floats and sailing.

My ship of love is coming into harbour soon
There's so much in my heart that I am longing to say
My ship of love upon the blue horizon now
Come safely home, godspeed, you're on your way.

Loving can be an empty shore, 
the lonely sands of time one has to live through
Seabird, you had to feel your wings, 
and now it seems so long ago
The day I whispered: Go, 
I want to be coming with you.

Chorus (bis)

My ship of love, godspeed, you're on your way!

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